Seniors can save, with a little knowhow

IMG_5560 Herb & Spice - Bank St (1)by Deborah Rosenlund
for the CCCA Seniors Committee

Shopping is a big deal in the centre of Ottawa. You’ll find large grocers, small specialty food shops, giftshops, fashion and imports, music stores, photographic and computer experts, restaurants and entertainment venues tucked away in Centretown.

Observant business owners notice that more and more seniors abound and abide here! And Centretown needs their business.

Some of these businesses offer discounts to seniors and students. Sometimes these discount offers are advertised: sometimes, as responsible patrons, we need to ask for them. Recently, a customer in Wicked Wanda’s was heard to ask about a senior discount, but not in a demanding way.

Loyal patrons keep many of our local businesses alive and small discounts for them can be easily factored into that objective.

Talking about discounts in Centretown, let’s start with the always entertaining OC Transpo bus trip. Did you know that seniors not only get a discount for monthly passes, but also ride the bus all day for free on Wednesdays?

Try it. Just jump on and do your long shopping or visiting trips, take your time, jump on and off! Or just take a tour of Ottawa. You’ll love it.

Like a good neighbour, the Herb and Spice store (at Bank and Lewis Streets) helps their senior customers with a seniors’ discount on just about everything. You must ask for the discount before they ring up your items.

And check out the huge savings in just about any of their departments. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, scoot across Bank street to the Thana Store, a highly recommended foodie destination.

The Massine grocery store (previously known for years as Hartman’s) still has the Tuesday seniors’ bus for transporting heavy groceries home. More information on this popular service can be found by contacting The Good Companions Centre.

Take a second and apply for an Optimum Rewards Program card at Shoppers Drug Mart. Seniors who present the card get a discount (on non-sale items) but on Thursdays only—so, be patient, wait for Thursday, then load up on items and save 20 percent. Why not?

Loyalty cards are available from a number of businesses, like Sun Cafe (Bank at Florence Street) and The Turning Point music store (at Cooper at Bank).

You know the deal: every purchase there is marked on your card. When it’s filled up, ta da! Your loyalty has just earned you a reward of some sort!

Don’t be shy! When you step up for festival tickets, such as the International Writers Festival, or to any box office for entertainment, it’s worth asking for the seniors’ ticket price. And when it comes time to pay memberships, subscriptions, fees, those pesky fines, etc., ask for the senior discount. And be nice yet persuasive about it.

You’ll be encouraged by how many businesses and organizations have learned that senior consumers are patient, plentiful and ready to spend, and they know that discounts play a part in doing business in 2016.