Flower bed caretaker retires

Stanton_Landry-IMG_20160819_185404by Kathryn Hunt

In March, Susan Kerr announced that she was terminating her 1994 agreement with the City to maintain the flower beds at Dundonald Park.

Her activities in the park predated the creation of the Friends of Dundonald Park, a group dedicated to maintaing and beautifying the park. Although she indicated that organization is now defunct, Kerr noted, “This is not to say, however, that Dundonald Park doesn’t have any friends. Perhaps a new group with a new vision and new arrangement with the City will emerge to care for the flower beds.”

Among the park’s supporters is the Dundonald Park Working Group. The group has been around since 2012, when Dundonald Park was selected as one of eight parks across the province to take part in a planning and design program by 8-80 Cities, an organization that aims to make cities people-friendly for anyone ages eight to 80. The project is being run in partnership with the Centretown Community Health Centre.

The gardens, however, are not its first prioroty: its goal is to first create a plan to make the park a safe and accessible public space and then to connect to community leaders who can enact changes.

Councillor McKenney thanked Kerr for her years of dedication to the park by saying, “It would not be the same wonderful space for neighbours, kids and other community members today if it were not for the tireless work of yourself and other ‘Friends’ of the park.”

On her work on the flower beds, Kerr added, “Gardening in Dundonald Park enriched my life, and I hope others will also have access to that experience.”