Tree giveaway across the capital this summer

This summer, Ecology Ottawa is embarking on the largest tree giveaway in Ottawa’s history! They will be giving away thousands of little saplings that are looking for new homes in your yard.

This tree giveaway is part of Ecology Ottawa’s One Million Tree initiative, through which Ottawa, as a community, plans to give away and plant one million trees as a gift to Canada for its 150th birthday and to help Ottawa’s greenspace recover from the emerald ash borer infestation.

As Ecology Ottawa put it, “You may be wondering how on earth we are going to give away that many trees over the course of a few months.”

The organization plans to be at dozens of community events and festivals across the city during the summer.

They will also be partnering with schools, community associations and places of worship to deliver trees through their networks.

“And while we’ve just started, Ecology Ottawa has already seen unprecedented demand for greening up the capital!”

Trees will be delivered to individuals so they can plant them on private property and Ecology Ottawa has already worked alongside the City and other partners to ensure new trees are planted on public lands and rural private property.

The next step for a vibrant urban tree canopy recovering from the emerald ash borer crisis is a robust urban ecosystem.

Eager to bring home a sapling? Watch out for Ecology Ottawa at local events throughout the summer!