In Memoriam: Nan Griffiths and Joanne Samson

We are saddened to report the passing of Nan Griffiths of Delaware Avenue this month. Nan was one of eight founding members of the Centretown Community Association whose contributions were celebrated in 2009 at the association’s 40th AGM. In 1969, the fledgling community association partnered with other downtown community associations to successfully stop the City from implementing a plan to build freeway offramps through the southern part of what we now call the Golden Triangle.

Nan is survived by her husband, Tony.

She was interviewed in the following short documentary on the founding of the CCCA:

BUZZ reader and contributor Joanne Samson passed away peacefully, in her Gladstone Avenue home, on December 26. She was a big fan of, and contributor to, The Centretown BUZZ and had several articles and letters in these pages (covering Roma Confectionery, Bell Pharmacy, Acktec Automotive, Scotty’s Automotive, and others). She always had an eye out for the little details and interesting characters of the community, and enjoyed sharing her observations with BUZZ readers.

She loved creative writing and was recently able to publish a few books (on Amazon), not long ago.

Her daughter Sandy said, “She was very grateful for the many creative opportunities to express herself via The Centretown BUZZ. And for that, I am grateful, too.”

Joanne’s love for the community and support of The BUZZ will be missed.