The art of quilting showcased

by Nathalie Thirlwall

In a world that is technologically connected, it is interesting to see in what other ways we are connected. Beauty plays an important role in linking our eyes to our spirits, lifting our hearts and souls to places of delight.

Quilts are one avenue to beauty, one that started off historically with a practical goal of keeping people warm and offered their makers opportunities to express creativity. Quilting has reemerged as an art form that often finds its place on a wall rather then a bed.

This year, QuiltCo will be celebrating its 25th anniversary at its triennial exhibition and sale to be held at the Glebe Community Centre in Ottawa on Saturday, September 29 and Sunday, September 30.

QuiltCo consists of a group of 30 quilters from Ottawa and the surrounding area who meet monthly to set each other challenges, show their work, and share new techniques and materials. They also make scores of quilts for local charities every year. At this show, some 200 exceptional quilts of all sizes will be displayed, offering the viewers an array of modern, traditional and art quilts in a kaleidoscope of colours, fabrics and patterns.

This quilt was pieced by nine women (most of whom had never done this before) and quilted by Nathalie Thirlwall. It is called Seek and Ye Shall Find. It was created for the Bicentennial birth of Baha’u’llah, the founder of the Bahá’í Faith.

Some pieces are personal creations, others are group challenges, each offering a unique interpretation and perspective.

Additionally, a boutique will be offering handmade items for sale. As well as quilts, such handcrafts as place mats, knitted socks, beaded jewelry and tote bags, all made by QuiltCo members, will be available.

There will be a number of local vendors with some of their fabrics and quilting supplies to purchase. A penny sale will also allow you to bid on treasured items.

Once you have seen the entire exhibition, you will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite quilt.

An exhibition and sale not to be missed!